Analyzing Life360 on Android

We looked at the iOS version of Life360 recently and now we get a chance to look at the Android side this time. There were three database files of interest that I was able to find under the path:



Chat messaging is possible through Life360, they are found in the database at path:


The tables of interest are the "message" table and the "thread_participant" table. Using a simple table join we can pull in the ID's and participant names from"thread_participant" with the actual chat messages from "message". We can also get any shared geolocation coordinates via these chats as well.

Formatted nicely for your viewing pleasures, ALEAPP can parse out the chat messages.

Figure 1: Life360 chats via ALEAPP

Locations / Device Info

Cached locations can be found in the file at the path:


Here we get only one table of interest called simply "event". Inside we get a column called "data" that contains embedded JSON that looks very similar to the JSON found in the iOS logs.

 Figure 2: JSON data inside L360EventStore.db

We see not only location data but also some of the same device battery metadata we've seen on the iOS logs such as device battery percentage. We can also see here some network information of a connected access point including the BSSID and the SSID. This can help triangulate someone's location alongside the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Figure 3: Locations info via ALEAPP

Figure 4: Device battery info via ALEAPP


The final piece of information we can get from Life360 is from yet another database file


Inside we can look at the table "places" to get some saved locations that could be consider like your favorites (such as Home, Work, School, Gym, etc.). We get a radius of detection of this location as well as latitude and longitude coordinates. We can also see if it was user created or generated from the Life360 as a default.

Figure 5: Places info via ALEAPP

The latest code build of ALEAPP now supports these artifacts, go grab it today!