Magnet Virtual Summit 2023 CTF - iOS 16 iPhone


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Like last year's iOS 15 image, we get one of the first full file system "test" images for iOS 16 publicly available. Let's see what we get.

Tools used:

A few too many (5 points)

How many email accounts did the user own? (not counting privaterelay)

This one required a bit of correlation. Via the Refined Results > User Accounts artifact in AXIOM we can see 3 distinct email addresses:
    • pulled from Accounts3.sqlite / Apple Mail
    • pulled from Chrome Login Data
    • pulled from Chrome Login Data
Figure 1: User Accounts via AXIOM

What we also need to account for is other communication methods too. Slack was installed on the phone and if we check the Slack Accounts artifact we see we get yet another different email address.

Figure 2: Slack Account details via AXIOM

So in total we have 4 different email accounts from the owner of the phone.

autoFill me in on the deets (5 points)

Which email, other than their own, was autofilled in Chrome?

Heading over to the Chrome Autofill again, we can see only one other email address that didn't belong to Michael Borchardt, and that was

Figure 3: Chrome Autofill in AXIOM

1 fish 2 fish, red fish blue fish (5 points)

According to the user's email accounts, what is his favorite color?

I way overlooked this one originally, just don't make it too complicated. Michael's iCloud email address was, his favorite color is blue. It's littered all over the Account Data.

Figure 4: Account Data report in iLEAPP

Q-uestion (5 points)

What Chinese networking website was associated with Linkedin?

I first did a keyword search on LinkedIn to narrow down the scope to hopefully have a quick win in a path or something. My first thought was to go directly to QQ Chat which appeared to be partially correct. Carved from potential browser activity was a URL for QQ.

Figure 5: Potential Browser Activity for LinkedIn related sites

QQ didn't work but QZone took. As you can see it's being pulled from the LinkedIn application folder location.

Chef Boyardee 2.0 (10 points)

At which market was the user viewing Chef Pasquale tomato sauce?

The first thing I gravitated to was to look at the DCIM folder for the user's images. Filtering for the folder and hitting the Pictures artifact, we can see a few different pictures of grocery store shelves with cans and bottles but one specifically fits the description.

Figure 6: Pasquale's tomato sauce from DCIM

We can see 3 different varieties from Chef Pasquale. Looking at the EXIF data of the image we get the latitude and longitude of where the picture was taken.

Figure 7: Image EXIF via AXIOM

Plugging in the coordinates in Google Maps, we can see that it's roughly nearby the Marche Atwater market.

Figure 8: Google Maps using EXIF image data coordinates

Staying Stylish! (10 points)

What color shirt did the user choose to put their snapchat bitmoji in?

Via the Snapchat Chat Messages we can get the user's account name as the recipient of messages sent from Team Snapchat. It was "m_b227468".

Figure 9: Snapchat Recipient details

Using that info I just utilized my own personal phone to look up the user account and check the avatar image. You can see the current shirt was green, so I tried that and it worked.

Figure 10: m_b227468 Snapchat avatar

To verify that it was correct, I did a keyword search for "bitmoji" and looked at images to see if the same avatar popped up. Sure enough, at the following path was the same outfit:


Figure 11: Snapchat Bitmoji

Picking up Steam (10 points)

What server was the user interested in making?

A keyword search for "server" yielded quick results found in Google Searches and in Discord chat messages. He was looking to set up a CSGO server.

Figure 12: Discord chats via iLEAPP

Figure 13: Google Search from Biome via AXIOM

Overlooking Excellence (10 points)

What Sports stadium was the user overlooking at Camilien-Houde belvedere?

I originally just did a Google Maps search for "Camilien-Houde belvedere" and tried as many names as I could find around the area on the map but nothing worked. I then pivoted to the DCIM images because from previous questions I remember seeing some hiking views. There were a few with some signage but one stuck out.\private\var\mobile\Media\DCIM\100APPLE\IMG_0024.HEIC

Zooming in on the photo we can see a marker for Stade olympique.

Figure 14: DCIM image overlooking Montreal

You're going to crush this one! (10 points)

What light-hearted game did the user spend the most time on?

One of the first things I look at when assessing a mobile device is the installed applications so I knew this one almost instantly. It helped the question title kind of gave it away too, it was Candy Crush.

Figure 15: Installed Apps report via iLEAPP

You are here (15 points)

Which airline lounge was viewed?

If you don't know what Biomes are read Chris Vance's series, they're the new hotness for iOS, basically replacing KnowledgeC artifacts. Anywho, back to reality. A quick keyword search for "lounge" led me to entries in the Biome User Activity that showed the answer, Lufthansa.

Figure 16: Biome User Activity via AXIOM

Out of this world (25 points)

Which terms and conditions site on Tik Tok is named after a space formation?

This one drove me absolutely crazy. I dug on the Tik Tok website but didn't see anything so I went back to the evidence and just did a keyword search for "tiktok" and "Tik Tok". Doom scrolling through the WebKit carved history I found the answer was "nebula" which was of what looks like a URL for advertising T&C.

Figure 17: TikTok WebKit cared web history via AXIOM

Which way? (25 points)

Which cardinal direction was the user turning when driving towards RHEINFAHRE?

Knowing from past CTFs with cardinal directional questions, I had to go directly to the Live Photos. Clicking through one picture of some sort of overpass bridge had the named RHEINFAHRE on it so it was definitely the one to look at further.

Figure 18: Live Photos via AXIOM\private\var\mobile\Media\DCIM\100APPLE\IMG_0068.MOV

If we look at the video pulled from the Live Photo, we can see that the user was turning in towards where the sign showed.
Figure 19: Live Photo MOV

Using the GPS coordinates from EXIF data we can plug those into Google Maps.

Figure 20: Google Maps coordinates from EXIF of Live Photo

We can see that the car was traveling south.

Boosting into a new era (25 points)

The user was trying to learn German through an application, what promotion featuring a rocket was most commonly shown to the user?

Looking through the Installed Apps previously I knew Duolingo, which helps you learn how to speak other languages, was installed on the phone. 

Figure 21: Duolingo installed via iLEAPP report

Searching for "duolingo" led to some video results pulled from:\private\var\mobile\Containers\Data\Application\89A6AE48-C46D-4405-A187-C7FF439873F3\Documents\plus-ad-video

Only one video ad featured a rocket and that was for Super Duolingo.

Figure 22: Duolingo rocket ads
Figure 23: Duolingo ad

As a river runs (50 points)

At which location did the user travel the most meters according to Apple? (City, Country)

The key hear is "according to Apple". What Apple apps track distance? Apple Health of course, which can be found at the path:


If we sort by Distance (meters) column we see that the most meters recorded was on December 31st, of 2022.

Figure 24: Apple Health Distance via AXIOM

Applying a timestamp filter for approximately around the same time Health recorded the activity we see some cached locations pulled from RoutineD.


Figure 25: RoutineD Locations relative to Health event

Plugging in the lat/long into Google Maps shows the user was in Eltville, Germany.

Figure 26: Google Maps coordinates

Lo Siento Señor, its going to be a cold one (50 points)

What weather front was warned to the user by youtube?

Weather information from YouTube?! Back to the quick search to hunt "youtube" things. In the Duets Notifications we see one entry that looks to have a title all in Spanish.

Figure 27: Duet Notifications via AXIOM

I had search on YouTube for what this was.

I don't know why I just didn't use Google Translate but it led me to a Univision video showing people shoveling snow.

Figure 28: YouTube video from Univision

I tried "frente ártico" because that's what they had in the title and it worked. Translated to English it would be "artic front" which I believe was also accepted as an answer.

This ends the iPhone writeup and completes the 4 part series from the MVS 2023 CTF. Looking forward to the next one in-person in Nashville!