Magnet Virtual Summit 2021 CTF - Google Takeout


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Last but certainly not least, we have the Google Takeout evidence from the MVS2021 CTF.

Question 1 - You got mail (5 points)

How many emails were received from

Switching over to Cloud Gmail Messages and filtering on the From Address to "TikTok", we see 6 resulting emails.

Figure 1: Emails from TikTok

Question 2 - Hungry for directions (10 points)

Where did the user request directions to on Mar 4, 2021 at 4:15:18 AM EDT?

Under Google Map Queries we can sort by Destination Address and see only one across the whole evidence. It was for Chick-fil-A, 400 NY-3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901.

Figure 2: Google Map Query destinations

Question 3 - I got three subscribers and counting (10 points)

How many YouTube channels is the user subscribed to?

 Opening the File System, we can navigate to the following path:

Takeout\YouTube and YouTube Music\subscriptions\subscriptions.json

The file didn't contain any contents which would mean that Eli had 0 subscriptions on YouTube. If he had some it would look similar to this:

Figure 3: Sample subscription to Magnet Forensics YouTube

Question 4 - Time flies when you're watching YT (10 points)

What date was the first YouTube video the user watched uploaded? (Format: month day, year) (Example: Feb 3 2020)

From Cloud Google Activity we can filter on Action item "Watched" to show what videos were watched. We can see that Eli watched a lacrosse highlights video on February 3rd of 2021 but we are looking for when the video was uploaded to YouTube.

Figure 4: YouTube video history

Following the link to the video we can see it was uploaded on Jan 27, 2021.

Figure 5: Upload date of YouTube video

Question 5 - Who defines essential? (10 points)

What was searched on Mar 4, 2021 at 4:09:35 AM EDT?

Since we know the format is in EDT, we can set the date format to Eastern Time since I keep it at UTC (UTG||GTFO). In the Google Searches parses we see a search for "is travelling to get chicken essential travel" at that time.

Figure 6: Google search term

Question 6 - How much? (50 points)

What is the price of the belt?

Chrome browser history reveals this fairly quickly with a keyword search of "belt". We can see Eli was shopping at Vineyard Vines for a pebbled leather belt at the cost of $98.50.

Figure 7: Chrome history for belt

Figure 8: Eli's belt of choice