Forensics StartMe Updates (12/1/2023)


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If people have suggestions for additions please feel free to shoot me a message on the app formerly known as Twitter (@KevinPagano3) or Mastodon.

Blog Feed

Abhiram's Blog

Blue Crew Forensics

Fancy Forensics

iOS Unified Logs - Lionel Notari

Josh Lemon


Forensic Tools

Belkasoft T (Triage)


Evanole - Hexordia

TeraLogger - A Teracopy history log parser

Memory / RAM Tools

FOR532 - Volatility 3

Network / Cloud Tools

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint / DFIR Resources


SharpAbeebus - A GeoIP lookup utility utilizing services

Podcasts / Webcasts

Wait Just An Infosec

Test / CTF Images

Cellebrite CTF 2023

Useful Links

4n6 App Finder

The RULER Project - Really Useful Logging and Event Repository

Windows Forensic Handbook