Forensics StartMe Updates (6/1/2023)


One big change coming soon is that most of the tools will be put into a tapped system to clean up space as the lists keep growing.

If people have suggestions for additions please feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter (@KevinPagano3) or Mastodon.

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Cipher / Decoding Tools



Image Steganography - Style Suxx

Steghide Online

Steganographr - Zero-Width Steganography - Neatnik

Distros & VMs

How to Build a Windows 10 ‘Windows to Go’ Drive to Support Offline Collections

Getting Started in DFIR

New to Cyber Security - SANS - YouTube Playlist

Other Utilities

dbeaver - Free universal database tool and SQL client

PE / Malware Tools


SANS Posters & Other Cheat Sheets

Practical Windows Forensics - BlueCapeSecurity

Test / CTF Images


Loghub - A large collection of system log datasets for log analysis research

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BSides Charm