Forensics StartMe Updates (4/1/2023)


If people have suggestions for additions please feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter (@KevinPagano3) or Mastodon.

Cipher & Decoding Tools

Ares - Automated decoding of encrypted text without knowing the key or ciphers used

Blog Feed

BelCyber - Ahmed Belhadjadji

CyberFox - Mathias Fuchs

Eric Capuano's Substack

Seth Enoka

Forensic-Impact - Paraben

Forensic Tools

MAGNET RESPONSE - quickly collect and preserve data from local endpoints

Getting Started in DFIR

New 2 Cyber Field Manual - SANS

Mobile Tools

SQLiteWalker - Python script to walk a folder or a zip file for SQLite databases


Acropalypse - Screenshot recovery utility

Other Utilities

DbSchema Database Designer


Trimarc Security Twitch Happy Hour

Useful Links

Obtaining Serial Number, MAC, MEID and IMEI of a locked iPhone - Elcomsoft

YouTube Feed

Black Hills Information Security

SANS Institute

Trimarc Security