Forensics StartMe Updates (3/1/2023)


If people have suggestions for additions please feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter (@KevinPagano3) or Mastodon.

I rebranded the Network Tools to now include Cloud tools. With cloud becoming more and more relevant I thought it was time to try and add some scripts and other things I've found to it.

Mobile Tools

Android Forensics References - RealityNet

Network / Cloud Tools

Oh365UserFinder - Python3 o365 User Enumeration Tool

SANS FOR509 Public Repo - scripts from SANS FOR509 Enterprise Cloud Incident Response


Geo Wifi - Search WiFi geolocation data by BSSID and SSID on different public databases

Other Utilities

Case_Notes - cross-platform (Windows, macOS, & Linux) python script to help make the documentation process easier

mboxviewer - A small but powerfull app for viewing MBOX files


Forensic Fix - MSAB

Shop / Lists

#DFIR Go-Kit (Amazon List)