Forensics StartMe Updates (7/1/2021)

A good amount of new links added this month. If you continue to find the StartMe page useful shoot me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

DFIR YouTube Feeds

BlueMonkey 4n6

Mount Image

Distros & VMs

Infosec Fortress by DFIR Madness

Forensic Blog Feed

Infosec Write-Ups

Logoff - journey of newb infosec pleb

Mount Image

The DFIR Report

Forensic Tools

Binalyze Acquire

Getting Started In DFIR

3MinMax Series with Kevin Ripa

Getting Into the DFIR Field - DFIR Diva Playlist

Other Utilities

CyberChef Recipes - MattNotMax

PE / Malware Tools

Malware Analysis Fundamentals - Files and Tools


Chewing the FAT

SANS Posters & Cheatsheets Quick Reference

Test Images & Test Device Setup

DefCon DFIR CTF 2019

DFA & CCSC Joint Spring 2020 CTF - Champlain College

Useful Links

Six Steps To Successful Mobile Validation