Forensics StartMe Updates (6/1/2021)

I'm still trying to add more and more content as I see fit and as I test new tools and other useful utilities. Hit me on Twitter @KevinPagano3 if you have suggested adds!

Forensic Blog Feeds

4n6 Kween

Forensic Tools

Magnet Chromebook Acquisition Assistant

RDB Bitmap Cache Parser


Getting Started In DFIR

13Cubed Episode Guide

Cyber5w Academy

Mobile Tools




Other Utilities

Cipher Identifier

dCode - universal site for decoding messages, cheating on letter games, solving puzzles, geocaches and treasure hunts, etc.

Forensically - free online photo forensics tools

PE / Malware Tools

SANS Posters & Cheatsheets

Test Images & Test Device Setup


Useful Links

IR A-Z - Mary Ellen Kennel

UFED Fundamentals Matter


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