Magnet User Summit (2019) Recap

Only one day after BloomCON 0x04 ended, I was back on the road traveling to Nashville for Magnet Forensics User Summit 2019. To say it was an amazing 4 days in Music City is an understatement.

Tuesday morning starting off with a #DFIRFit initiative to raise money for GirlsWhoCode.

Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to go to some fantastic talks from an all-star cast of specialists in the field, from the likes of Devon Ackerman, Alexis Brignoni, Brian Moran, Cindy Murphy, Tony Knutson and more:

But one of the highlights by far was participating in the CTF challenge created by David Cowen, Matthew Seyer and Jessica Hyde (which is now open to the public).

(me answering questions to open up more questions)

Not only did I get to compete against other practitioners, students, professors and experts, I took first place! (answer breakdowns coming soon)

After winning I was even invited on the Forensic Lunch to talk about the CTF, which was an incredible experience in itself to sit on stage with people I look up to in this industry.

In the end, my favorite part of the whole conference was being able to meet and network with so many, from people I've known on Twitter for years to the students from Champlain. I'm already looking forward to attending again next year for another great experience in Nashville.