Tech Tuesday: Aukey LC-C6 Wireless Charger

Another Tech Tuesday and another Aukey product. This time we will be looking at their LC-C6 wireless fast charger.

It comes in Aukey's standard beige flip top package. The contents include the charging pad, a micro USB to USB-A cable, the user manual, and their #TECHKEY sticker as well.

This lightweight charger can fast charge devices up to 10W and is even supposed to work through most phone cases as well. In testing, it fast charged my Galaxy Note 8, through it's OtterBox case, from 0 to 25% battery in about 30 minutes. 

One thing I wish that Aukey would have included is the adapter end that plugs into the wall, so you won't get fast charging if you don't have an adapter that supports it. Overall, I can see this going on my desk either at home or work to get some extra juice while I'm sitting around. You could even pack this easily in your bag for on the go as it's slim design and light weight won't burden you.